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By Now Black Dahlia has gotten to know me pretty well, to the point where I don’t actually pay, I walk in and smile saying “hidy ho” to all and they greet me by name… “big deal” you may say, but, I tell you, that recognition is recognition no matter whether it is for the idiocy that precedes you or the genius in your wake. If someone can respect you enough to use your name, then you have made a difference …. Haven’t you?? ** Perhaps perception is but a joint smoke away**

The last time I was here I took my fabulous daughter, dressed to kill, but decent of course … and interviewed Truth and its Burden who were having the final leg of their self titled CD launch…on Friday the 13th November…. A very cool night I might add….
Loved it all the way…. It was an epic way to open her eyes to a world, my world, that is not as violence tainted as per the general populous but a world of high emotion and decency, laced with love, understanding and oddly enough… tolerance. Will be releasing it shortly.

Ténéré a Christian band and vocally so on their sound check “Love, Mercy, Peace”. – They actually started in prayer can you believe it, taking the first few minutes of their gig to huddle and … well pray….
**Bold men bold… but not really well received… but stick to what you feel is right for you**
Albert Van Niekerk on Vocals growled, with his crew, Gerhard Jacobs on Guitar, whose interim growling back up and accompanying vocals carried the song forward to a great chorus interlude commanded by Taljaard on Drums (an impressive collection of symbols) who also sported the Trendy Amish come Mormon/Quaker look…. Pretty retro ZZ top-ish, I think. The words “Jesus is alive” in their first song “Making a new Enemy” ringing loud in the end with the fingers of Lean du Plessis also on Guitar shaking his long blond hair and biker beard… centre shaven an’ all (‘an all, ‘an all, ‘an all) and finally bringing in the rear on Bass is the deep feeling tones and chords of Johan Gerhard Bienedell
The Pretoria based southern/death metal band Ténéré, jumped into the second song “Inevitable change” with Gerhard J leading the majority of the head banging on and off the stage, closely followed by the long haired lover not from Liverpool, Lean.
“I am” their third tune is something on the energy and something or other about divine god blah, blah!!…. Sorry guys… not my following.. No disrespect intended.. **my kid is like you guys, so it’s all good**
… Any way, this “lietjie” had bassist Gerhard on the floor duelling opposite Taljaard in a timed battle and the tender finger works of Lean on Guit playing the background layout tune as if setting the scene for a rock out match
“Ode to the caveman” sadly felt like a mix and rehash of “Making a new Enemy”… different words and riffs, but some how it felt the same…. Hmmmm!!!
After a call from the crowd to get the mosh pit happening the song “Can you see him” really came into its own literally getting the floor bashing the fuck out of each other for the entire song that had fabulous riffs and rips from Albert the lead guit… really enjoyed the symbiotic relationship with Lean, and the play between

Avenge the Angels not a Christian or outwardly religious band as one would think by their name, but in starting with “Inception” their first song, banging drums raising visions of African war heroes tumbling down the mountain …. Drumming and keyboards by Matthew and Zayne respectively bringing in the growling then singing prowess of Corbin on lead guitar; not to be out done was Kurt on Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals and Johan on Bass.. this their first song was interlaced with both guit’s taking turns in growling and singing their respective renditions to this energised song.
This self labelled “South African metal band” produces what they consider “Epic Metalcore” music… with the twist of the keyboards I saw hints of old school rock of Alice Cooper and Poison and a spin off of the old 80’s classic band Europe… Which was battered out by the double kicker of Matthew..
Interesting piano solo at the end was a fucking awesome way to play with the audience as it ended up being the gentle prelude to their next song “Turn to Darkness” which about and abusive relationship, had Corbin growl, sing and scream… NICE…
I liked the head bang interlude with the keyboards gently dominating the mood as they banged in a slow motion union of heads and instrumental melody not to mention the guit’s gently caressing their way through the song to the final “rat-a-tat” drummer and piano ending… sweet work boys… I REALLY liked this song… only thing is….. NO stage personality… get some happening more than the “bobbing dog that frequents a Durban curry car’s back window” nodding jolly good, jolly good all the fucking way down the road. ARGH!!! Any way… Breathe, breathe … …and … out…. In … and …out…..phew! Nearly blew a bloody Indian gasket there!
The next song “My angel” was apparently a love song; it started off with a haunting intro by Zayne and Corbin, then following in slowly was the rest of the crew, even with the sweet tunes sailing out…it could have used a harmony from Kurt to complete the song for me. But the melodic interlude’d tones of the entire band was well received by this writer and had a fair amount of listeners on the floor te boot … I must say the double kicker and snare work were really constant…
**More banging from Zayne needed, and less head bopping from Johan**
“Industreality” their song, also starting with this “epic” keyboard intro was about Clones and us not being true to ourselves, berhaps just following the crowd and either standing out or standing ones ground
**Johan… listen and feel the music!!! and Zayne.. stop looking so board**
Their final song “Every step” also started with a similar “epic” keyboard feel….. DUDE.. Please vary the finger change… Please … beat that keyboard…. Listen to more of Queen… Freddy Mercury knew how to play the keys to each tune… you need to let loose and do the same… already you are in a difficult position to be in as the keyboard is not a standard instrument in a metal band….. Maybe ok for rock bands but not your metal genre… I have no doubt you can do it bro… so let loose!!
Over all a reasonable band…

Torn to Silence another Christian Band broke into their set with a Creed styled song “More to me”. Markus Lourens on Lead vocals was nicely backed up by John Moffat on Guitar and backing vocals – They worked pretty well together in their harmonising and I found this song to be rather enjoyable as George Davidson the drummer’s hard snare kept the rhythm of Danie on Guitar and Morné Heyns on Bass guitar in check.
I especially liked the drumming of George and guitar work of John in “Take it away”…. and some of the emo clothed crowd shouting “woowoo” were cute to watch so they were free to continue their musical rampage!! Yeah!
“Break”, their third song was interesting though the backing vocals got lost in the music… next time up the volume or mic sensitivity… I wanna hear your voice John; luckily Markus held the song to fruition and the great guit work all round was greatly received by the audience….
They transitioned nicely into a fantastic beginning of their second last song “Seek the light”… you almost forget that they are preaching …their sound was riffed and bassed out to bring my auditory senses into disarray and twist my perception to that as a love of music and sound, forgoing religion and belief structure,… I listened with my ears, heart and soul…. Don’t get me wrong … this song is not that fantastic….yet, but it was a great distraction that needs a bit of polish but will definitely be a winner in my books… I liked its feel.
The final song “The Irish Song” that they hadn’t named yet as it was their newest baby, was double kicked to hell and partially growled to shit and to the crash and rides smashing in the background and bass pelted finger twists… Nicely received…
For me the better band in execution so far tonight, but certainly not in support… I think the rent a crowd toss up is in the frey again for tonight.. sad man.. really sad.

While waiting for the last band Bombs and Issues¬ to play I saw a rather large group gathering and was seriously preparing myself for the typical pawn a posse parade…. I really hope that these guys are worth it as I had winners by default… as I predicted in my last comment

I was intrigued by their techno style intro to “This is my Story”, even their entrance was pre timed, sweet and gentle and synthetic… blasting forth with a flurry of symbols and guit’s…. These all by Craig on drums, Brandon on Guitar and Ryan on Bass… the screamer come singer Michael rounds off the quartet that belted their first ringer with absolute gusto that the audience enthusiastically accepted and responded with cheers. .. and some very sexy young lasses watching them too made it fabulous for my virgin eyes..… hmmm!! a cute rocking dark haired green topped, kissable smile, hot blue denim covered ass… ** forgive me but that butt needs a major spanking … YEAH!!** probably the lead singers babe…
The strong Lyrics of “P.S.” of Michael in the song were basis of a heavy drum and sweet bass. The guit held it together with ease… nicely executed song guys..
The technical aspect of the songs so far was pretty high and I enjoyed watching their musical magic and stage feel.
“Lost in the Sand” was a slightly different feel... almost a cute boy band vocal sound with hard rock in their souls… it was a nice change and about time that a metal band brought down the pace to a suitable tsunami level…. Some times all it takes is a tiny tidal wave to make a presence known.
The second last song of the evening “We are One” was drawn into light by the nimble fingers of Brandon, then equalled in technically and accuracy by Ryan and Craig in the Rhythm section…. These guys are pretty hot on this aspect…
Each having a stage presence of their own and certainly the same hairdresser as the off centre and uneven emo cuts seemed to permeate from the stage right through to the following groupie crowd…. But these guys do deserve the crowd appeal and seem sure to win… by sheer number more than just their raw talent.
“Eyes wide open” was another feel of their other previous songs, similar and acceptable, though it did get the green topped chick to the stage front to shake her round ass… this clearly not being her genre in music as she was trying to dance to music that is way to hard for that type of dance…. But she was there to support her friends I suppose… But over all these guys were technically the superior not only in executionable follow through but in years as well it seems.

And the winner for the night was ………da-da-da-da-da-da!!!!.... Bombs and Issues¬ well done chaps..

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