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Today was the first day that I came almost 2 hours early so that I could ensure that I had a place to sit as the crowd that turned out to the Cool Running’s proved to be rather rambunctious thus I considered preparing myself…
As with Cool Running’s I have to be brutal boys, it would be unfair to be lenient even if I am not a judge in this semi. So I will have to say what I like and who I like…. Nothing personal!

Gun Down Goliath opened the floor with a slightly longer sound check, but I was happy to be obliged by the drummer who gave a nice drum solo on request… Not bad movements and co-ordination…. I only hope he can bring it through in their music.
They managed to deliver a familiar hard sound that I came to appreciate the first time round with a reasonably filled floor of listeners…. Perhaps they are just warming up them for the next few bands…as the banging hadn’t even touched the necks of the floor dwellers…
Sadly they admitted that they had played the “wrong song first” … nice honesty, but not needed here boys.
I appreciate the hardened style of the band as a whole, but still require the all round showmanship for my vote of favourability to be cast., However the chorus and hard feeling in the double kick and scream made for great listening… When the Braden took his shirt off… it was a serious treat for some attending as his skinny tattooed body made for many a wet dream, I am sure.
If the rating tonight for me were out of 10, I would put these boys at a confident 6.5… (the 0.5 for the sexy solo that got he crowd clapping in time)

The second band Tenere, who were harder than nails imported from India, banged the fuck out of the crowd on the floor with the growled out scream, dominated by the technical drumming and riffing of the guits… I have to say that this was a treat for me in more than the superb musicality, but there was a sexy dark haired tattooed chick that flashed her stunning body at me on the floor , shook her well shaped butt and ground the music like she was fucking on a porno… giving me an instant hard on… generously upping the bands appeal… (only kidding…. As that is no way to judge a band… however that being said… first opportunity I have I will; lash that pussy and spank that ass till she screams “NO MORE”) – hehehe!!
But so far there is something in the play of these guys that, although Gun Down Goliath rocked… they had a tad bit more, considering the mosh pit had started to fart some life onto the floor… (though in physical appeal… guns have it as the cute lead vox will bring in the pussy factor – but again is that for the music or the groupie syndrome?)
When the bassist dumped his guit and started another Mosh round by diving into the crowd.. it notched them up half a point in my proverbial book… NICE!
So far they are on a 7.5 pointer out of 10 points

So far the chick factor in this party was the most appealing to this writer since the battle began as the sexy stiletto shoed, black and red checkered skirted hottie (whom I will stalk till I find out who and where she bought her fabulous shoes from) showed her movement in the music that obviously was not in her repertories, but out of support she was here moving her tight end to the “groove”…
…..Well its official.. I will stick to the points of 8.5 out of ten…

Damn I remember the first time that I heard Embroil…. They really appealed to me as the even mix between the scream of the drummer and his speedy double kicking together with the singing had the crowd screaming for more…. At this point the floor was as full as it has been in comparison to the other bands, but to me they …. …Well rocked… generally on a personal note I try to be indifferent, but in these semi’s and finals I have to honest with the general public and my self…. I love these boys…. Seriously not a hectic stage feel or physical attraction, but when I close my eyes and listen… I feel the emotion in the lyrics and rhythm.. they have already hit the 8 pointer mark just on sound .. and their stage appeal notched them up another half point to 8.5.. but I wonder if they can top the 9 mark?
I know it is because I am in essence a soppy romantic, so words and audible vocals really get me going…
The only down fall these boys had was the amount of songs they sang… seemed like 7 or 8… a lot more than the other bands prior, and if in all fairness, is to be enforced, should be penalised as they are in essence, stealing time from the other bands, who also have to “sell them selves” to the crowd like cheap Bengali whores…
But with shear puling power I still find that I cannot give them more or less than 9 out of 10

Hey!! Let’s Burn Paris took up the slack and jumped straight into their routine within 10 minutes…hitting out a Powerful drum and excellence guit work. All this accompanied by a vicious scream and ripping guits…
Fuck me, their stage appeal was awesome, as was their presence.. .above and over the crowd, they soared in the extreme pain of the lyrics and they took the wind on the strings of the guit and kept in line by the constant drumming….
In their discipline and genre, I felt that they were well established, managing to bring out the best in their musical instruments, playing a story in my mind and heart… bringing me into the songs and beat… hard and Raw…..
One bad point was the lack of audience involvement.
But I seriously cannot comment to the fullest capacity as the hard un-worded screams deafened; yet the music fucking ROCKED…. Honestly,,, them and Emroil have my vote at this juncture…
A well deserved 9 out of 10 (I did like the intro to their last song as it tickled my little friend all the way from its base to my neck line….sweet sound… hard and bangin’…;o)

Finally when Meimera Deiyi took the stage… the atmosphere was fully charged and they literally could walk away with the heat vote if they played the audience and made them love what they had to offer in the form of lyric and rhyme.
Heavy and hard was the delivery with strong snare and high riffs on the guitar…immediately making it difficult to choose between Hey!! Let’s Burn Paris and Meimera Deiyi.
I was so far impressed with the sky high horns sent out from the audience to them and back in return… it was a great sound and visual appeal… Again the floor being filled with screaming fans…
The rent-a-crowd scenario running at full steam and the general support across the board… Nice to see the even split with all the bands and their fan based support… I have to mention that the mosh pit seems a tad more testosterone filled (alcohol I presume) by his time of the evening….but was easily transitioned from a placid floor to that of a frenzied buzzzzzz!!! Nice move… whether it was indirectly or not… it mixed well with this writer.
Yet for me, they were a little short of the “9 point” mark, but I give them a definite 8 out of 10

But at the end of the evening the final band that twill grace the stages of Cool Running’s are… Gun Down Goliath and Meimera Deiyi…

Making the finals consist of: Of one Design, 2nd Guess’D, Gun Down Goliath and Meimera Deiyi, let’s hope they can pull out the stops and produce a great day of entertainment….
See you boys on Saturday 5th December….

Guestposted on Friday 4th of December 2009 at 09:06

thanks for another great review!

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