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Fourways Cool Running’s run by another Bradley….(I have met soooo many Brads in the entertainment industry.. freeky) had a very different atmosphere tonight and as I walked in I was greeted with a uniquely growled out singer who welcomed me with a melody fit for a king….. THAT’S ME!!. Yay!!….. so don’t get any ideas.. hehe…. Uhmm! Any way enough about me.

I walked into a fully fledged rocking song…. and was “befokk’d” as I thought they were just a warm upper band… .and sorely wished that they were playing….
Well hump me beside the head…. They were the opening band who were warming the system up with a brilliant sound check.
20 minutes later the Digfish (the war up band… if you didn’t guess) crew consisting of Marco Wilde (no relation to Oscar…) at the vox and lead guit jammed in with their first song is “Move like a fish”, which consisted of drumming spurts and guitar flairs by full backing vocalist and bass Roland…
“Ich Weiss” their German named and sung song meaning, I know… humbled nicely by the drummer Jethro Hill ** Cool Name dude** and rhythm’s in with Adrian on guit
Dig fish has a cool old school feel especially as they brought in a slightly slower “Mexican” feel in their next number…. Both Marco and Adrian’s distinct voice battle in their third song “Heat Stroke”, really an enjoyable listen.
When Adrian introduced the next song “Arise”, I had a feeling it would be a slightly different song and I was right. Finally Jethro started to show some technical work and movement… though the “tinny” sound to the snare needs tightening for me!!!
“No like da Babylon” style of the following song was so in the tune of Cool Running’s décor and expected vibe; these versatile lovers of music jammed to a different song…. Impressive guys… I really like your style, with your little subtle touches and quirks…
Marco’s introduction “For my Cherry” held the touches of comedy…, which showed through in the lyrics and rendition… Almost a revamped and modern spin to Chris Chameleon’s BOO band… I like, I like!!

Is That Blood? the next band on the stage consisted of Kel the lead vox, whose soft voce was a vast contrast to the hard guit work of Dayrin and Roy, but it did bring on the seated audience to the floor with the tune “Fly” preceded by an intro , perfect for their Metal rip start … a great support group that appreciated them on the floor and in the venue as a whole.
Their second song “Born”, dominated by the double kicker work of Chris on Drums and the backing vocals of Screamer Dave who also took up the bass challenged. Sadly the good drum beat was marred by occasional flat tones of Kel.
Chris rocked in the third set with ease and clear technical ability and their beat interludes consisted of crash and ride battles with the toms and snare of this pretty good drummer. I am really impressed with his showmanship and play with sticks..
With their final song “In Feb” (as in the month), I found the guitar work of Roy and drum solo with Dave’s vocal accompaniment made it one of their better songs… Kel finally settled into the role and belted out this voice…. No longer soft and thankfully in key.
Their last few bars bounced the crowd’s heads and left the floor wanting more as they abruptly ended their routine. –

With a strong purely metal ring tone and deep drum bass welcomed in by Warren Forscer on drums. The strings rang out a distant welcome to the Vox of David Gillham of the band 2nd Guess’D with Julian Vosloo, all shirtless and typically metal… banging his noggin with the now full floor… brought this song “Justify” to fruition.
“Anarchy”, their following song took the floor by storm and got the judges frantically writing their approval of the great song… that was ended with a birthday wish for Allan and Warren of the band.
When the song “My girlfriend is a Lesbian” was introduced it tickled everyone’s fancy enough to get a giggle and grin just from the name alone…. But their drum, guit , bass and vox work showed no humour,… but … I have to but… they actually were good and justified the crowed that gathered on the floor to this almost a Midnight Oil feel. I liked the transition and the inclusion of the crowd when David sang the words, “the souls naked”… great one guys…..
Their penultimate song “One time too far” introduced the guitar work of Allan who really shined in this tune as he was skilfully backed up by the concise vocals of David.. Not forgetting that he was comfortably accompanied by backing vocals of Julian and Allan…. The possible Breaking Benjamin influences making them selves felt.
“Rage” banged in with a solid beat and lyric base that rocked the front 3 rows of the already full floor.. No testing of the skills of the band members needed as their visual and internal communication showed in their synchronised work not only with each other but with the crowd who raised their hands to “Rage”… and were rewarded with a sweet guit solo by Allan (who can scream pretty well too)… Shot for that dude… it was a nice touch to the powerful follow through as a strong song.
The crowd started to shout “one more”, “One More”… obviously encoring the boys when they had reached the end of their allotted time.
They replied, and replied with ease, as they sang “HEY” was delivered with a simple drum and intermittent and slowed down pieces that punched out strings with a definite rhythm meant for the vox to pull together…..”Hey” was well received as the third row banging moved to the fifth row… David constantly included the audience and spoke while he sang… making the interaction all the worth while ….. Got the crowd singing, “1.2.sleep with me” or some shit like that…. Fucking good show boys..

The Glow who consider themselves a Progressive Indie Rock band started with a cute intro, but fell short with the slightly weaker vocals of Carl van Renen, which thankfully by the end of the song strengthened… the song “Awesymmetry” with its extreme highs and lows in chord and beat, was enjoyable none the less.
“Space Monkey”, started adequately and even slowed with a feel of the old whacko Jacko shinning through for a moment, but then basically beaten out by the drummer Jethro Vlag **yes I know… there are two in one night and both were drummers**
“Magical Garden” started with such conviction and acoustic guitaring by Treveshan Patheron lead guit that I though Jim Morrison was gonna make an appearance with the essence of his music in the beginning of the song….. then they slowed it down……. AGAIN…
**dudes… don’t do it in every song…** slowing to almost a halt is ok once in a while
I like the changes in pace of the songs…. But not on every one…. Consistency is good but not in this situations.
They clearly have a talent in music, but they need to get the communication.
Their last song “Suffocate” was dominated by Jethro and his double kicker; was a tad weak in comparison to their first few tunes and this flowed through to their final song “Balled of the missing sock puppet”. Though the chorus breaks were technically acceptable… the vocals need a bit more push….

SimpleHuman (the something project) the final band consisting of Liezel Marshall the cute sexy Vox, Deville on Guit, Gerry Du Plessis on Bass, Neils Du Plessis on Drums and Maryke on Keys (it about time we got some syth)
At first I felt like the flat tones that Liezel put forth were going to be painful, but as the song “I cannot breathe” progressed with nice coupling of the guits both lead and bass made the keyboards more accessible with the drums, maintaining consistency – similar to the feel of four non blonds.
The slow pace of “Please” had the hints of Alanis Morrisette … but that did not detract from the words and rhythm of this powerful song… sent shiver up my spine… this was for me the pinnacle song of the night… a great ballad that evoked emotion and made one think… perhaps think too much…. And with the Joe Cocker style guitar solos of backing vocals of Deville did little to convince me as I was already sold from this one song…… I will definitely buy the cd just for this one song………. This was EXCELLENT

The old Afrikaans song for the evening “Ek Onthou” was refreshing and again…. Convicting as Liezel was backed up by the entire band and vocal from Maryke and Gerry.
Their final song, “Open Up”, showed great potential and finesse, though their breathing techniques can be improved, I was still moved by the guitar solo of Deville. Gerry did well to hold his own with Maryke on keyboards…. Well done guys

Over all a bit of streamlining for the higher notes and basic presentation, but other than that this band have a recipe for success and are a marketable commodity

The Praise gone out to the Boys of 2nd Guess’d for winning the heat…Well done and deserved

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