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MotherFUDD, South Africa's renowned metal festival is proud to announce that they will be hosting the first ever Official Guinness World Record for the “Most People Headbanging Simultaneously” at the seventh annual MotherFUDD – The Gathering 2010 on 13 March 2010.

Motherfudd is extremely proud to fly this exciting and unusual flag as it will not only
spotlight the massive following metal music and has in this country but also that this
epic event will take place on South African soil.

The bands under Mother's care this year are: Agro, All Forlorn, Architecture of
Aggression, Bile of Man, Chromium, Emperium, Erebus, Fragmented Children, Haggis
& Bong, Instrametal, Juggernaught, Loathe, Mazaru, Nighthawk, Reverend Henry
Kane, Red Helen, Riddare av Koden, Rhütz, Sacrifist, Sathern and Stigmata Dawn.

Tickets are R220 for the entire weekend and are available fromwww.webtickets.co.za.
This includes weekend-long parking, camping, lots of drunken arm-in-arm metal
camaraderie, the best South African metal bands and your name down in the history

For added mojo there are game drives, Bubble-ball, swimming, lots of food and flea stalls, a tuck shop and a huge, well-priced bar with DJs that will be satisfying FUDDers' metal appetites well into the early hours.

On a serious note:
Because of the heightened media interest this year we had to put certain criteria in
place and thus have RESTRICTED ENTRY to 1500 tickets only.

It's best to avoid disappointment, a copious amount of egg on your
face and your buddies' endless ragging by buying your tickets through Webtickets
early, as they will also close automatically as soon as the limit is reached.

MotherFUDD would not be possible without our like-minded partners in crime:
Monster Energy Drink, Aqua Seltzer, Headbang Today, Revolution, Killer Truck Co, Locally Whipped Magazine, Midrand Stereo, EA Games, Star Gazers Extra Mural Centre, The Cameraman, Viking Records, Music Connection and Schecter Guitar Research.

MotherFUDD – The Gathering is the brainchild of Yvonne Pennicott, long-time band
manager and festival extraordinaire who inspired a gathering of the best musical
talent in the country to bring about a 2-day camp-over festival showcasing the pick of
the crop. 2010 sees MotherFUDD hosted from 12 – 14 March 2010 at the acclaimed
Malonjeni Guest Resort just south of Johannesburg.
For enquiries please go towww.motherfudd.com or visit us at Facebook, Myspace or
For press, media and advertising opportunities please contact:
Trudy Currie
Cell: 079 752 0159
Email: fuddpromo@gmail.com

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