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Promotion and Networking on this Site

If you're involved in the music industry you should be listed on the public figures page you should be able to add a public page. Make sure to plug in your social media and web addresses as well as booking details to receive event openings.

Anybody can add events to the gig guide and post news articles which are considered for entry into the knowledge base.

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Become an endorsing artist and get strings, plectrums and t-shirts straight from the manufacturers in the UK.

Sell your merchandise abroad and earn 90% commision.

Should you have any suggestions, queries, complaints or good short stories feel free to contact us.

Simply want to Stay in the Loop?

You can use the mailing list or RSS feeds to stay up to date with news and events... registered users are automatically entered into the mailing list but can opt out on their preferences page.

Productivity Initiative

Currently you can use the Alternative Music.co.za Facebook Application to transfer events and or picture albums from this site to Facebook... we are working on reversing that process as well as building the events guide project which will see your event information floating 'round all over the web!

The Gig Guide

Events posted in time get mailed out to our list of subscribers, a link to your events page also gets added to the appropriate provinces RSS feed. Websites participating in the events guide project will also display your event information.