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Location :: Westrand, Gauteng, South Africa
Opened :: 2010-01-01
Last Login :: Monday 1st of February 2010
Genres :: All genres accepted, specializing in metal and hard rock.
Musicians :: Bury my Remains, Donny Brecker Jazz Trio etc
Staff :: Allen Purkiss (engineer, session bassist & Guitarist) 082-295-9368 Calvyn Kemp (Session Drummer, Producer) 082-660-7608

Equipment :: Ibanez, Tama, Zildian, Cort, Vox, Line 6, Fender, M-Audio, Shure ,Arial Acoustics, Sunfire, Mark Levingson, Pro Tools, Sonar 8. Lots of Technical skill and experience.

Pricing :: Contact Calvyn for further information.
Url ::

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