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Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Opened :: 0000-00-00
Last Login :: Friday 17th of September 2010
Genres :: any
Staff :: Alan Simmonds (Recording and mixing engineer) Morné Marais (Mixing and mastering engineer)

Equipment :: Studio Pro Tools 8, Reason 4 and big selection of RTAS plug-ins and mastering Tools Digi 003, Focusrite, Presonus (valve) and Yamaha pre-amp's Command 8 t.c. Electronics M-ONE XL FX unit t.c. Electronics Finalizer Express Mastering unit Beheringer T1954 valve stereo enhancer, exiter and bass management unit microKORG synthesizer Yamaha NS10's running with Allesis RA500 and active HS10W subwoofer with active HS50M's monitors Mics: sE Electronics 2200T valve, sE Electronics 4400a, Rhode NTG-1 and NT1-a matched stereo pair, Shure SM57's and SM81, Audio Technica 2020, Equation Audio Alpha Series MTD.8.3 8-piece drum mic kit Mobile Studio Yamaha AW2400 audio workstation Behringer ddx3216 with ADAT breakout Emu 16-16 with built in effects Reaper Reason 4 Large selection of vst cockos plugins Rokit 6 powered monitors

Pricing :: We will record you in your practice room! No studio needed. Rates have changed, record 1 song for a little as R400 (mixing and mastering included). DemoSurgeon is now able to do LIVE recordings, you heard me right LIVE recordings, get your whole set recorded LIVE. please get hold of us for more info! Email us at for a quote.

Url ::!/pages/Cape-Town-South-Africa/Demo-Surgeon/10150103270115389?ref=mf

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