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Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Opened :: 2008-07-01
Last Login :: Thursday 30th of July 2009
Genres :: ALL
Musicians :: The Death Valley Blues band Inane Betray The Gourgeous Gun Down Goliath Project Forsaken Canvas Gino The Forgotten Machinist
Staff :: Geoff: Producer, composer ,recording engineer. Angie: Art Department: Photography Design, marketing

Equipment :: Mics: SE 2200a Audio Technica Drum Mics Sure SM58 Amps: Behringer V-tone Amp 100watt Cabs: 2xBehringer Ultrastack Surround BG412s Effects: 2x Boss GT 8's, Zoom G2.1u, Boss GE215 Graphic EQ (Rack mount) Mixers/Recorders: Wharfedale Pro R-2004, Korg D888, Behringer B-Control Midi Drums: Pearl EX (export series) Pearl Double Kick pedals Pearl single Kick pedal Zildjian Cymbals: (Hat, Crash 16", Ride 20") Guitars: 2x Electrics, 2x Acoustic and Bass Studio Monitors: KRK Rokit 5 (powerd) Software: Sequencers: Cubase SX3 Sony Acid Pro 7 FL Studio 7 Reason 3 Wavelab 6 Cakewalk Sonar 4 Celemony Melodyne Effects: Amplitube Digital Amps Amplitube 2 Digital Amps Amplitube Metal Digital Amps Amplitube Jimmy Hendrix Ampeg Digital Bass Amps Amplitube Fender Guitar Rig 3 Digital Amps Waves Mastering Bundle Waves Diamond Bundle Camel Space Camel Phat Sonitus Effects Bundles Wizoo Verb 2 ME Mastering Suit Blue Tubes Analog Suit Abbey Road Compressors iZotope Ozone 3 iZotope Ozone 4 ect.....

Pricing :: Solo artist: R600per song (Backing to be Provided) Bands:R1200per song (2 day Booking)
Url ::

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