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Address :: 299 Lower Main Road Observatory.
Genres :: Rock, Metal, Drum and Bass
Url ::

Please note that Jack Stone is not involved at this venue but displays it for testing purposes and to add an entry to the venues listing! The venue has the best alcohol prices I've found... at times bettering any bottle store, that's why I've chosen to display this one.

The Lord of the Rings theme is emphasized by the brilliant artwork, design and paintings on the walls of the entire club.

Tuesdays: between 9-11pm Gandalf's bring back all their original specials with free entry.

R5 double (Brandy/Whisky/Sours/Cane/Vodka) and mix!
3 beers (Castle/Label/Windhoek) R10
3 shots Sours or Summbucca R10
Jack Daniels or Tequila R6

Wednesdays: Games night with Free Draught, Foosball, jugs and prizes with DJ Simone and guests, specials 9-11pm.

Thursdays: Ladies night with free drinks from 9pm-2am with DJ Lauren and guests.

Fridays: ONE HUGE PARTY specials 9pm-11pm with DJ Marius and guests.

Saturdays: Student Night ; drinks are R5 all night with DJ Simone.

Mordor returns; strictly Metal in Gotham every Friday; Prizes and Free shooter at the door.

Every Friday Metal and Metal events only with DJ Death, DJ Fluffy and guests.

299 Lower Main Road Observatory
Next to Gandalf’s

Every Saturday Goth and Goth Events only with Dj Minstrel and guests. Prizes and Free shooter at the door.

Any bands or DJs interested in playing contact Antonio on 0833300700.

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