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Address :: Cnr. Browning & Op de Bergen Sts. (off Commissioner St.)
Last Login :: Wednesday 31st of March 2010
Genres :: Full alternative spectrum including: punk, rock, metal, goth, electro, indie, emo & related genres

Bands :: Fuzigish; Cooper; Touched by Nausea; Vendetta Cartel; Death Valley Blues Band; Us Kids Know; Your Name in Neon; Misled; Gross Misconduct; AWOL; Slashdogs (to name only a few!)

Url ::

The Alternative Experience
Est. 2004

Tucked away on the fringe of Joburg's urban rejuvenation in Fairview is London Calling, a venue-for-hire established in 2004 that hosts live alternative music and related events.

London Calling is not a destination; it’s an attitude. We’re on a mission to reclaim the streets and act as a catalyst for socio-economic change, not unlike our revolutionary namesake The Clash, from whom we draw our name and much of our influence.

London Calling is The Alternative Experience. ‘Alternative’ as in: the freedom or opportunity to choose between two or more things. Expect events and gigs covering the alternative genres of Rock and Punk, through Indie and Electro to Metal and Goth.

The venue is open for specific events only. Watch the press, website and social media for what’s on when.

Events begin at 8PM and finish at 2AM. Covert charges range between R10-R40.

London Calling is located at the corner of Browning & Op de Bergen Streets (off Commissioner Street) in Fairview, down-town Joburg, in the shabby-chic environs of Troyeville and Jeppestown.

The venue is an old converted house remodeled into an intimate, eclectic bar and fully-equipped live venue including a checkered dance-floor, stage, pool table and outdoor seating area.

Join the 1000+ strong London Calling Facebook group:

Detailed directions, venue and event photos also available here.

Visit to sign up to receive the regular e-zine of upcoming events.

London Calling is passionately South African and does not reflect a hankering for the UK. Our name is an anomaly; London Calling is all about Joburg.

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