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Address :: 43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem Cape Town
Last Login :: Wednesday 30th of September 2009
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Mercury is the training ground for all sorts of Homegrown music. Started in October 2002 and rising from the Ashes of THE JAM, Mercury has carried on the tradition of Showcasing Bands of all Genre's. The Manic Mondays are Legendary and grew out of the old Springfields Monday's.

Downstairs on a Monday and Wednesday you can see up and coming talent and established groups ply their trade.

On weekends the Big Guns come out to play. Fridays in the lounge are well known for their mix of 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's Classics with a formidable array of DJ's.

We have Membership option which gives you the discounts & priority entrance.

Kill City Blues run a set of Rehearsal Rooms for bands next door to the Club. Why don't you try out a night at Mercury and see what you think!

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