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Address :: 155 Main Road Plumstead Western cape
Genres :: Rock n' Roll, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Indie & Heavy Metal.

Bands :: Hellfire Blues Club, The Shadowclub, Southern Gypsy Queen, Sindulgence, All Guns Full Amo, Junkyard Lipstick, Out of Nowhere(Namibia), Crimson House Blues & Anton Syndrome.

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The Jolly Roger is a quirky, yet cosy, alternative live music venue & bar based along the Southern Strip,
a length of the Main Road in Plumstead, Cape Town, that is packed with a host of pubs, restaurants and music venues. It is the only live music venue in this area that caters for bands, with genres ranging from Jazz to Metal, Punk to R&B, Hip-Hop to Rockabilly.

'TJR' is unique in so many ways, mostly because of the fact that it's so different to every live music venue in cape town. It has a deep pink ceiling instead of a black ceiling. It has a different atmosphere compared to the city slickers. It operates all day, 7 days a week. It caters for sports groups, the youngsters and the older, wiser generation within the community. It has enabled people to mix together comfortably, regardless of their choice of lifestyle, living conditions, fashion choice, race or salary level. Those who frequent the venue feel like they're a part of it. It's cleaner, and feels fresher day and night. It's quirkiness is it's most lovable trait, admired by those who visit it, regardless of age, status, colour or musical preference.

There is a main, live music area, with a large bar and stage. There is a balcony where one can relax in the sun whilst sipping on a cold beer and watching the general public rush about their day. As if that wasn't enough, there is also an additional bar area, together with a pool table and gambling machines, both of which are located in their own enclosed areas.

The Jolly Roger is the proud host of the Arsenal Supporters Club. All games are shown live on the big screen.

Unfortunately, no card facilities are available, and as the venue is located on the 2nd floor, it is not wheelchair friendly. But we'd be happy to carry you and your chair up!

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