Zeplins Rock Shack Wonderboom

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Address :: cnr West Lavender & Braam Pretorius, Annlin, Wonderboom Pretoria North
Last Login :: Friday 23rd of October 2009
Genres :: Alternative/rock/metal/goth/EBM genre and their sub genre.
Bands :: All Alternative/rock/metal/goth/EBM genre and their sub genre.
Url :: http://www.zeplins.co.za


Live Bands and DJ's on Fri & Sat nights.Wed night band only.Come check out the new AWESOME stage
with Sound,Lights and visual effects.


DJ's ONLY!! (DJ's start @ 9pm during Nov/Dec)
Wed-Student night DJ playing all genre as requested
Fri - Goth/EBM dancefloor & DJ's
Sat - Alternative/commercial - NO!METAL until 1am


Between 7 - 9pm!!
Beers R6 - Shooters R4
Fri & Sat only in Nov & Dec including 31st New Year!

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